Israa M I Albhaisi

إسراء البحيصي

🔻إسراء البحيصي

PhD student at Cairo University studying political communication
Master’s Degree in Political Science from Al-Azhar University, Gaza
Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media, specializing in Radio and Television, from Al-Aqsa University
Journalist and media trainer
Covering all the wars in the Gaza Strip and producing hundreds of reports, films, and humanitarian stories.
Director of documentary films for the Al-Alam network, such as “Clusters of Death”, the Israeli weapons used in the first war, “”Eight Days” which covered the second war, a film documenting the third war in Gaza, and a film capturing the protests at the Gaza border in 2018 over the span of three years.
Presented live from Gaza. Participated in the preparation of reporters in the field and not from enclosed studios.

🎖إسراء محمد البحيصي ضيفة شرف في مهرجان صبح الدولي الثاني للإعلام.

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