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25 mai 2024

En Occident, les pays sont exploités par l'empire des médias mainstream

Changement de dynamique après le 7 octobre

In the West, countries are exploited through the media

The Collapse of the Zionist Empire

A group of journalists, artists, and resistance activists discussed the influence of the media and the changing dynamics in Gaza after October 7 during the Palestinian forum at the Sobh Media Festival.

According to the news headquarters of the festival, the forum on Palestine on the second day of the Sobh Media Festival was held with the presence of Canadian journalist Sharmine Narwani, Jordanian painter and graphic artist Suhad Khatib, Lebanese journalist Ali Shoeib, Palestinian journalist Israa Albhaisi, Lebanese journalist Hassan Illaik, and Denijal Jegic. Croatian journalist, and Marzieh Hashemi as the moderator, hosted a meeting last night at the Mellat Cineplex.

At the beginning of this meeting, which was simultaneously translated for the audience, Marzieh Hashemi mentioned the second Sobh Festival.

Sharmine Narwani stated in her speech that Iran is one of the main pillars of the resistance axis and has a fundamental influence on its members. Before, we might not have been able to say with certainty that Iran is the main axis of the resistance, but with Iran’s support, Hamas has been able to change the situation.

Referring to the resistance approach in Iran, she clarified that Sardar Soleimani was one of the prominent figures who successfully transferred significant power to the resistance axis. The unity of Iran and the Axis of Resistance is remarkable.

Next, Denijal Jegic stated, “Iran has a prominent role in international equations. It creates a balance of power through the support of the groups it collaborates with and maintains the stability of the region.”

In another part of this meeting, Marwa Osman, referring to the events in Gaza, said, “There is a saying that the world was not born before October 7, which highlights the importance of what occurred. The attack on the occupied territories created new conditions for the entire region and demonstrated that the Palestinian nation possesses capabilities and can achieve victory.”

Referring to the Western narrative of these successes, she clarified, “The type of narrative in Western countries was such that it did not want to show the achievements of Palestine. Palestinian militants were able to threaten the essence of Zionism. The events of October 7th shook the foundation and nature of the Zionist regime, yet these are not acknowledged in the narrative of Western countries.

Further, Palestinian journalist Israa Albhaisi, in response to Marzieh Hashemi’s question about the West’s narrative of October 7th and condemning it, said, “This image they show is an exaggerated portrayal of the people of Gaza.”

She added, “What we see in Gaza is that the Zionists are bloodthirsty and kill all the time.”

Marwa Osman also stated that the portrayal of Gaza in Western media is inaccurate, and the reality contradicts that image.

In this meeting, which was attended by guests from various countries, she added, “In the West and European countries, the true narratives of Gaza should be the basis for change. We must have our own platforms to convey our message through mass media.”

In the continuation of this meeting, Jordanian painter and graphic artist Suhad Khatib discussed the changes following the October 7 incident and explained, “The narrative that emerged from Gaza after October 7 was rational. The media called it a “Storm” and this storm disrupted many equations.”

Pointing to the importance of a story that lasts, he emphasized the need to provide accurate information and focus on the story itself rather than a narrative that unfolds. He stated, “Every news is a story; we must ascertain the facts and their accuracy. I am a professor at my university and an artist. I strive to convey ideas and emotions through my art. In America, I have organized several rallies in support of Palestine. I started a demonstration in 2014, and I am aware of how effective these can be.

Israa Albhaisi then recalled, “In the West, they exploit countries through their media.”

Hashemi went on to give a summary of Albhaisi’s life by referring to a story from the Palestinian journalist and stated: She is an artist and journalist, and she says he has millions of children in Gaza. She believes that every young man who lost his family in the bombing of Gaza is his relative and family. On one of the bombing nights, she recalls having a cell phone that she used to contact some family members. Unfortunately, she lost track of them and was unable to locate them.

In the continuation of the meeting, the journalist from Gaza stated, “What we are witnessing is the decline of an empire. The Palestinian people are being killed, and this narrative has persisted since 1948. However, it is evident to me that the Zionist empire is crumbling.”

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