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25 mai 2024

L'Iran est une source d'inspiration pour les artistes

Artiste et graphiste libanaise

Iran is a source of inspiration for artists

Hawraa Khalifeh, a Lebanese graphic artist, stated that Iran is abundant in art and serves as a source of inspiration for artists. She emphasized that artists should incorporate art forms like calligraphy into their creations.

The “Visual Identity” workshop was held with the participation of Hawraa Khalifeh, the Director of Graphic Broadcasting at Lebanese television channels, on Monday, May 20th, during the third day of the Sobh International Media Event at the IRIB University.

In this workshop, which was organized with a focus on motion graphics in television, topics such as visual concepts and their technical requirements were discussed and opinions were exchanged with the students of IRIB University.

In this forum, Hawrah Khalifa discussed the visual identity and its components, offering condolences on the occasion of the President of Iran’s martyrdom in a helicopter crash. Khalifa stated that a distinctive and appealing concept, including elements like name, color, and slogan, contributes to creating this visual identity. If there is no idea, it can be created. This idea must be different. The second thing is to have a different appearance.

Khalifa further said, “The key to developing a visual concept for a TV program is to have a comprehensive understanding of the project in all its aspects. The project encompasses the message, environment, and guests present in the scene. It includes everything that is part of the setting.

To do this, you need to watch and search for similar TV shows. The most important thing for me has been the search; it expands your imagination more and more.

The need to coordinate production teams

The Lebanese graphic artist said, “It must be ensured that each of the visual teams is coordinated. From cinematographer to editor. This means that the pre-production and post-production departments are coordinated. All these items can be specified in the tables related to the production of the program. Here, the discussion focuses on sharing experiences so that groups can be paired with each other over time. My experience involves providing ideas to the team and seeking assistance from them. This team includes a director, mixer, sound engineer, lighting engineer, and graphic design team.

He said, “We always have to keep the audience engaged, so we pay attention to the camera’s rhythm.” Whether the interviewee is framed outside or inside the studio, it should be appealing to the audience. In this case, classical models should not be used because they take away the rhythm from us.

Khalifa pointed out the need to move from classic models to social networks. He emphasized that content should be created with social networks in mind, ensuring that it can be effectively shared on these platforms. Khalifa highlighted that social networks are now a key marketing tool for television.

In the end, the television graphic designer from Lebanon said, “Iran is abundant of art; you can use art forms such as calligraphy for your ideas.”

You have to love your work, search, and enrich your mindset by observing the examples that are out there. These ideas should come to mind while working.

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