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25 mai 2024

Invités internationaux de l'événement médiatique international Sobh lors de la cérémonie funéraire des martyrs du Service

funeral ceremony of crew martyrs

International guests of the Sobh International Media Event in the funeral ceremony of crew martyrs.

In the funeral ceremony for the crew martyrs, which is being attended by members of the public and various dignitaries, international guests of the Sobh International Media Event are also present.

According to Mehr reporter, the funeral ceremony for the crew martyrs, including the martyred President Ayatollah Raisi and his companions, began this morning on May 22nd. People gathered in the streets near Tehran University hours before the prayer service and official start of the ceremony. The event was extensively covered by various television networks.

Today, different TV channels provided coverage in multiple frames. Radio reporters were stationed at various points along the funeral route, and cameras streamed the ceremony live.

Parts of the ceremony will be made available in documentary and production form for the networks. In addition to the widespread coverage on IRIB TV channels, media outlets from around the world were also present at the event.

During these days, the Sobh International Media Event was organized by IRIB World Service under the direction of Mohsen Yazdi. International guests at the event also attended the funeral service this morning. These guests included journalists from Gaza, as well as fiction and documentary filmmakers and journalists from different countries who were informed about the accident and the martyrdom of the President and his companions while in Iran. They all participated in today’s ceremony.

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