Al-Alam News Network

Al-Alam News Network

The Al-Alam News Network started its activity in Arabic in March 2003, at the same time as the American and British forces invaded Iraq. This network created the slogan “Al-Alam Bin Yidik” which means “The world is in your hands” with the aim of providing fast and clear information about the events and political developments of the world and also adopting an active media policy against the one-sided flows of Western news imperialism. Al-Alam Network’s activities can be separated into three sections: news, productions and its website.

This network, with an advanced and digital newsroom and nearly 60 active international journalists, 4 official offices in Tehran, Beirut, Baghdad and Damascus and several unofficial offices in 20 parts of the world, reports daily international affairs along with analysis in numerous short and detailed news sections.

Although the influential issues of the Islamic world are the focus of the news sections and analytical programs of this network, some of them have been assigned a greater share due to their importance: issues related to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon, Bahrain, Libya, Algeria, Maghreb, Egypt, Mauritania and North Africa, as well as a special focus on Islamic awakening and Axis of Resistance are among these topics.

The website of Al-Alam Network has provided its viewers with the latest and most important news events in Persian and Arabic, and by visiting this website, users can view the network’s programs, including domestic and foreign documentaries, shorts and the latest news.

On the network’s website, the inputs and views of dozens of regional and international experts who participated as guests in programs or news segments and spoke about the most important political issues are uploaded daily, which can be used by interested parties.

Also, the latest reports, news and media of the Al-Alam network are available on various social networks such as Facebook, X, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Without taking into account the news sections and reruns, about 4 hours of the Al-Alam network’s daily programs are dedicated to its productions. In addition to the 56 detailed, short and specialized news segments that are broadcast every day, there are 25 program titles in various television formats produced for the network in the weekly broadcast schedule. Currently, three domestic and foreign documentaries including “Al-Iraniyeh Documentaries”, “Al-Iraqi Stations” and “Medina Stories” are continuously produced and presented to the viewers. The special documentaries prepared in other Al-Alam offices outside Iran (Gaza, Beirut, Ramallah, Quds, Mauritania, etc.) have also received the admiration of the viewers of this network. 

The programs “Ma’hadath, Panorama, From Iran, Hashtag, Fi Bait al-Abeez, Hadith Bahrain, Ibna Al-Dira, Studio Beirut, Siddi Syria, Droob al-Sham, Al-Iraqiyya Stations, Al-Mashhad Yemen, Al-Buslah, Sourah Revolution, Al-Mohamiyat, Panethi, Al-Maghrabiya, Liqekhas, Zaif and Hawar, From Tehran, Sabah Jadid, Al-Ain al-Israeliyeh, Ghiyhab al-Kian, Al-Riyadi program “FAR” (VAR), Point of Contact and Documentaries” are part of the main programs of Al-Alam Network and Zakira al-Tarikh , Johle Haw al-Alam, Sur al-Siyasi and Sur al-Riyadhi are among the short programs of Al-Alam Network.

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