Sahar Universal Network (SUN)

The first television network of IRIB World Service

Sahar Universal Network (SUN)

The first television network of IRIB World Service, Sahar TV, officially started its activity in November 1997.

This network currently consists of five 24-hour TV channels: Sahar Urdu, Sahar Kurdi, Sahar Azari, Sahar Balkan and Sahar Afghanistan. 

SUN is an Iranian network for non-Iranian viewers and with the structure of a public network that broadcasts news and analytical political programs along with the production and broadcasting of various formats of television programming such as documentary, drama and animation on political, social, cultural and educational issues for all different ages, genders and religious groups.

Radio stations in the same language as Sahar TV channels are also available to the audience through various frequencies and the internet and act as a supplement to the television networks.

This network has had good success in producing hit television works such as “Soil and Coral”, “Black and White”, “Paris to Paris,” “Rah Nejat”, “Unspassed”, “Way of Heaven”. Also, the documentaries “Flood in the Spider’s House” (Memoirs of the 33-Day Lebanon War), “Iran is Home for All Seasons”, “Friendship of Nile” series, the narrative documentary “The Heritage of Iran”, “The Fellowship of Nour”, “Hidden Shadows”, “Blind Prejudice” , “Travel Guide in Iran”, “Ashurai Art” are among the best productions of this network.

In addition to publishing regional news and developments in Iran, SUN websites also provide news coverage of their target area, spreading the word about the Islamic Revolution in those areas through two-way communications with viewers through social media.

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