Hispan TV

Hispan TV

Hispan TV is the first 24-hour Spanish-language channel in the Middle East, with the slogan of “unbiased reflection of important world news and news from a new perspective” with a target community of more than 470 million Spanish speakers around the world. The then head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Organization, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs and some ambassadors of Spanish-speaking countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Bolivia officially started.

This network has established its activity by launching its website on November 14, 2019 and has the title of being the first Iranian channel with HD quality that is being broadcast in the farthest parts of the world and most Latin American countries.

Hispan TV broadcasts 24-hour news, documentaries, films and series and plans innovative programs such as weekly programs criticizing current world issues, interviews with important social, cultural, economic and political personalities of Spain, Latin America and Iran, and disseminates the discourse of the Islamic Revolution. Among the most prominent programs of this network during its activity are the daily political and analytical program “Debate”, “Iran” program, “Apache Fort”, “Camera on the Shoulder”, “Islam.com”, “Continents”, ” Financial zone”, “In search of truth”, “Medicine for helpless media” etc.

Hispan TV also tries to establish a cultural connection with Spanish-speaking audiences in different regions, as well as reflect the culture and civilization of Islam and Iran among this segment of the world’s people, while talking to politicians, writers and famous filmmakers of Iran and the world.

This network was created in order to break the monopoly of Western media and to create a communication bridge and facilitate mutual understanding between Iran and Latin American and Spanish-speaking countries, as well as to reflect the reality to people around the world and to introduce and promote real values. With the launch of this television channel, a new path was opened for the Islamic Republic of Iran to be able to establish more effective communication with Spanish-speaking countries in all parts of the world.

This network covers the latest news and developments on its website and pages in social networks and seeks to deepen and expand its interaction with its audience by two-way communication with the audience through virtual space.