IranPress International News Agency

IranPress International Video News Agency is the first international video news agency not only in the IRIB but also in Iran.

IranPress International News Agency

IranPress International Video News Agency is the first international video news agency not only in the IRIB but also in Iran.

This news agency, which was established on the basis of the Supreme Leader’s decree, started broadcasting on a trial basis in October 2016 and was officially opened on April 27, 2018.

IranPress now broadcasts live streams from Iran and other parts of the world for viewers and subscribers abroad through a satellite feed (Eutelsat 21B satellite and frequency 11520.H.2900. Fec 3/4) 24 hours a day.

In addition to numerous production support groups for providing live and production images, this international news agency has a news production editorial office in which editors and reporters from various fields are active.

The IranPress website is active in 4 languages: English, Arabic, Persian and French at the address , and it publishes the latest news about Iran and the world with a focus on Iran and exclusive images of IranPress in HD quality.

The satellite feed streams can also be received on the website at the link , and in addition, the broadcast program (conductor) and the address of the satellite feed are also available there.

Currently, IranPress provides daily and continuous coverage of the official programs of the forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, military institutions and bodies, as well as important news events from all over Iran, West Asia, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world. They are used by other major international media and news agencies that have a contract with IranPress and their affiliate networks.

In addition to live programs, IranPress has productions and video reports from various fields such as tourism and cultural heritage, knowledge enterprises, small and large-scale factories and producers, innovators and technologists and renowned national and international arenas throughout the country.

On the IranPress website, a section has been provided for the sale and distribution of exclusive content of the news agency. On this page, which is linked to the main site under the title IP Direct, the images produced by the news agency are presented in clean form (without logos, subtitles and text) and in HD quality to the news agency’s clients, including news networks, news agencies and international news bases.

Dozens of online journalists all over Iran cooperate with IranPress and send the latest news and events from all over Iran in various areas along with images including photo albums or videos to the news agency, which can be seen on the special pages of the Iran Press website.

Special attention is paid to the fields of tourism, cultural heritage, military and defense achievements, investment, production, and export in the reports and news produced by IranPress from all over the country.

The different segments of the IranPress website present important news about Iran in various political, economic, cultural, tourism and defense fields on separate pages with appropriate images for viewers around the world.

The priority of Iran Press news and images is positive developments with a realistic and development-oriented approach from all over Iran, which, in the words of the Supreme Leader, displays “a sweet picture of today’s Iran”.

So far, IranPress has been able to receive the latest news and pictures from about 45 countries around the world from its online reporters. IPORC’s online journalists section on the site at, in addition to teaching freelance journalism to the viewers, receives their news and files from all over the world.

IranPress news agency is also active in the field of social media.

English-speaking audiences receive IranPress productions on Facebook, X, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube, as well as IranPress Telegram and WhatsApp channels.

Dedicated Facebook and WhatsApp have been launched for Arabic-speaking audiences and Facebook for French-speaking audiences. IranPress’s X has a separate page for Spanish-speaking audiences.

Aparat, IranPress Persian Twitter and Telegram are also active for domestic audiences.

The launch of the IranPress Persian website introduced the activities of this news agency in the media space of the country. So that most of the country’s major news agencies and a number of news bases and various institutions have announced their willingness for media cooperation with IranPress or have reached a joint memorandum of understanding, which is unique in the history of introducing the activities of IRIB World Service.

Since the launch of IranPress, the most reliable and largest news agencies and networks in the world from Europe, America, Asia and the countries of the region have become the main customers for the images and news of this news agency.

IranPress has been the first visual source for the international media during important moments of the events that our country went through in the past years.