iFilm, as one of the most popular TV networks in its 13th anniversary, in addition to broadcasting reruns of older, memorable and nostalgic movies and series, also has production programs in various fields and diverse topics on its agenda.

Now in its 13th year, the “iFilm” network includes four channels, and its first channel was opened in September 2009, especially for Arab speakers, with a potential 450 million viewers in Arabic-speaking countries. “iFilm English” and “iFilm 2” along with the Persian “iFilm” channel, form the other channels of this network. This network was established by IRIB World Service with the slogan “iFilm, Your Family Friend.”.

The English channel of the iFilm network started its activity in March 2019 with the slogan “A new family experience.”

“iFilm 2”, which broadcasts Iranian movies and series in Persian and Afghan dialect, started working in March 2016 and is known as a symbol of the cultural and religious commonality of the nations of Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

Also, the iFilm Arabic channel, as the first channel of this network with a backlog of domestic Persian dramas, has the goal of translating famous Iranian films and series and broadcasting them. The production of the channel is also aired in the intervals between movies and serials. Among these programs, we can mention “iFilm Plus”, “Cinema Terminology”, “Filmcut”, “Backstage” and “Khalaf Al Camira” which are produced in line with the goals of this network.