Denijal Jegic, PhD

Denijal Jegic, PhD

🔻 Denijal Jegic, PhD

Assistant Professor of Communication

Coordinator of the Communication and Multimedia Journalism Programs, Department of Communication, Arts, and Languages School of Arts and Sciences

Multimedia Journalism; Communication; Postcolonial Studies; Decolonial and Anti-Colonial Media;

Resistance Movements; Media Activism; Third World, Non-Aligned, and Global South Communication;

Comparative and World Literature; Poetry, Spoken Word, and Rap; Historiography and Communication in Western Asia and the Balkans

2014/10–2018/07 Dr. Phil., American Studies Institute for Transnational American Studies, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (Germany)

2012/04–2014/02 Master of Arts (M.A.) American Studies Department of English and Linguistics, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany

🎖 Denijal Jegic is a special guest at the 2nd Sobh International Media Festival.

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