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25 May 2024

Western Governments are Hypocritical Towards Palestine

Western Governments are Hypocritical Towards Palestine

Irish comedian Tadhg Hickey said, “Western media often tries to separate Palestine from the rest of the world. However, festivals like this bring everyone together for a common cause.”

According to Tasnim News Agency’s cultural correspondent, Tadhg Hickey, an Irish comedian who came to Iran to participate in the 2nd Sobh International Media Event, discussed the use of humor in addressing political issues. Hickey stated, “In political satire, we simplify complex political issues using plain language. For instance, the Zionists may claim that the Palestine-Israel conflict is too convoluted for people to comprehend, in order to discourage them from seeking more information. However, through political humor, we can demonstrate that these events are not as intricate as they seem and can be easily understood.”

He added, “The issue that exists in the field of political humor is that it exposes the truth and brings attention to its often unspoken dimensions.” I have never paid for followers, but my comedic productions have gained attention and gone viral because they reveal the hypocrisy of the Western ruling system and speak the truth.”

Tadhg Hickey believes that media events play a crucial role in spreading the message of resistance. He emphasized that gatherings like this event can counteract the division that colonialists try to create. The colonialists’ motto has always been “divide and conquer,” but events like this can thwart their scheme. Western media often attempts to isolate Palestine from the rest of the world, but events like these festivals bring people together for a common cause. Thus, they hold great value in breaking down barriers and promoting solidarity.

The 2nd Sobh International Media Event, with Mohsen Yazdi as the festival director, started on May 19 in three sections: “Main,” “IRIB World Service,” and “Palestine Special”

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