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25 May 2024

The President was the Special Guest at the Sobh International Media Event

Marking the first time international artists were in attendance

The President was the Special Guest at the Sobh International Media Event

Referring to the Sobh International Media Event, the Head of IRIB World Service mentioned that arrangements had been finalized for the late president to be a special guest at the event.

Referring to the Sobh International Media Event, Ahmad Nowrozi told a reporter from Mehr, “We are very sorry that we held this event without our esteemed president present.” He was kind, and after we explained the details, they specified a time to attend the event.

He added, “Our correspondent in Gaza, Israa Albhaisi, who came here and was honored, was supposed to have a special, exclusive interview with the president. We discussed the idea with the Vice President, and he finally approved it.

He said, “The people of Iran, along with the entire axis of resistance and freedom seekers around the world, have lost an incomparable leader.”

Referring to holding the event without public advertisements, he stated, “With the tragedy that happened, we preferred the event to continue without advertisements because we had 40 international guests, including journalists, documentary filmmakers, painters, etc., from America, Europe, Russia, etc.”. Holding this event was also a message to the guests that the Islamic Republic is so stable that even with the loss of a great person like Mr. Raisi, it can continue with the events. However, out of respect for the late president, the event was out of the ordinary, and some of the programs were also omitted. The guests themselves noticed what happened during the event and were constantly attentive. Some of the guests were also interested in participating in the funeral ceremony.

Referring to the international guests of this event, Nowrozi clarified that 90% of these individuals had come to Iran for the first time. He also mentioned that in terms of the political spectrum in their countries, the guests included people from the left to the right. All of them were owners of platforms with millions of viewers in their respective countries.

In the end, he said, “In these days, there released some videos in their media from Iran, which created a positive media atmosphere.”

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