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13 January 2023

The closing ceremony of the “Sobh” festival

The closing ceremony of the “Sobh” festival at the Center of International Broadcasting Conferences was held on Sunday, March 11.

The closing ceremony of the “Sobh” festival

Tehran, IranPress: The closing ceremony of the “Sobh” festival started on Sunday, March 11, with the presence of senior national and media officials, including the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Kanaani.

According to IranPress News Agency, the motto of the Sobh Festival is “One Family, One Goal”, which is organized by the IRIB World Service.

The goal of holding the “Sobh” media festival is to support the ideas of producing various programs in support of the Palestinian people, and of course, it will dedicate its special award to this cause.

According to the Sobh festival’s PR, in the competition of dramatic and documentaries of this festival, judges such as Mehdi Faraji, Javad Afshar, Ehsan Kaveh, Farhad Qaemian and Morteza Shabani will judge the submitted works.

In addition to this competition, the content creators in the social media section of the festival will also be waiting for the final votes of the judges, including Hossein Sheikhian, Mohammad Hesampour, Elham Soleimani and Saeed Hasani.

Other judges of this festival include experts such as Siamak Kakai and Valiallah Gharaghani in the jury committee of radio works, as well as Moslem Rahimi, Mahdi Sanai Nik, Farhad Faridzadeh, Davood Eskandari and Seyed Ebrahim Hosseini Bakhsh in the jury committee of television works.

Various channels of the IRIB World Service, including Sahar TV, Al-Kawthar, Press TV, Al-Alam, iFilm, Howzeh TV and Hispan TV, IranPress video news agency, the radio stations of the IRIB World Service and the 30-language Pars Today website affiliated with the radios, have submitted their latest selected productions to be judged in this festival.

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