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13 January 2023

Dr. Jebelli: Iran is facing an economic and cognitive war.

Dr. Jebelli at the closing ceremony of the Sobh Media Festival: Iran is facing an economic and cognitive war.

Dr. Jebelli: Iran is facing an economic and cognitive war.

In the closing ceremony of the first Sobh media festival, the head of the IRIB considered the cognitive war and the three-month sedition in autumn as a combined war against the country under the pretext of establishing the position and dignity of women. He mentioned that solidarity and the use of all the capabilities are the keys to success in thwarting enemies plots.

Later, Dr. Jebelli considered Saudi Arabia’s efforts to improve relations with Iran as well as the American officials message to reach an agreement over the nuclear negotiations as another proof of Iran’s success in this combined war, which has forced countries to interact with Iran.

The head of the IRIB further called for the mobilization of capacities and the use of innovative plans in order to create effective media flow in the IRIB World Service.

Peyman Jebelli also said: Foreign Persian-language networks are trying to destroy the culture, beliefs, and customs of our nation, and this cultural war first started with Saddam’s military war against Iran and Western military support for Saddam.

In the end, Jebelli added that media maturity in the IRIB World Service has an important and outstanding role in using the media capacities to thwart the cultural conspiracies of the enemies.

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