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20 May 2024

My YouTube account was deleted after 11 years

I am surprised by the role of Iranian women.

My YouTube account was deleted after 11 years

Referring to the global censorship of freedom of speech, the presenter of PressTV mentioned that their YouTube channel was deleted without prior warning after 11 years of activity.

Marwa Osman, the producer and anchorwoman of the “PressTV” channel, shared with a Mehr reporter her experience of getting to know Iran and working in the country: “Having been with PressTV for the past 4 years, I am well-acquainted with Iran’s media landscape.” Before this, I was an expert on this network for 10 years, and as a result, I am familiar with the audience and media centers of Tehran.

The assistant professor of media studies at the International University of Lebanon expressed her interest in news fields by stating, “I follow the political, economic, and scientific developments in Iran, and I am curious to understand the situation in a country that has been under sanctions for the past 45 years. In my opinion, the people of this country have done a great job, especially during the last five years. We have witnessed progress in Iran’s relationship with Western alternative media.”

She talked about how the world’s people are portrayed in the media: It is crucial for Western media audiences to understand Iran’s perspective. During 2017, I participated in a major event about Palestine in Tehran. What caught my attention for the first time at that summit was the genuine, deliberate, and ongoing support of the Iranian people for Gaza, a level of support that is seldom observed from the Arab nations. For a long time, I believed that only a few countries in the region still supported the Palestinian cause. When I traveled to Tehran, I discovered that Iran’s history is closely connected to the Palestinian cause. Through conversations with the locals, I gained insight into why Gaza holds significance for them and how they perceive their own freedom intertwined with the liberation of Palestine.

PressTV host shared her view on the role of women in Iran, stating, “The first thing that surprised me in sanctioned Iran was the significant role of women in society and government. Before, I was largely influenced by the Western media’s narrative of how women live and behave in Tehran. It was a culture shock for me to discover that the Lebanese constitution is governed by individuals who consider the mere presence of a woman in executive roles offensive.”

She added, “I think there are ways to connect Tehran with different cultures and societies. Despite the severe economic sanctions imposed on Iran, it is essential to showcase the country’s approach to the world through media conferences.”

Referring to the lack of global freedom of speech, Osman said, “In the era of social media, there is no obstacle other than censorship. For example, my YouTube channel was deleted from the platform after 11 years of activity, while the entire archive of my program on PressTV was on it, without prior warning due to non-compliance with the community’s standards. This channel covered events in the Middle East and West Asia. Over the past years, many websites have been completely shut down or removed by the US Department of Defense. The reason for implementing these restrictions is the disparity between our narrative and the approach of Western media. However, we are on the right track. We need to break down cultural barriers and find new alternatives to bypass censorship around the world.”

She added, “I think we can communicate with Western audiences and introduce them to our priorities. It is a misguided perspective stemming from an incomplete understanding of the culture, leading us to apply the norms of our own societies when communicating with foreign audiences.”

In the end, the PressTV anchorwoman illustrated with an example: If I were to discuss the funds allocated by the United States to harm me and my family with people in Western countries, most Americans would not show much interest. However, you can highlight that instead of investing in a robust infrastructure and education system, these funds are utilized through taxes by the United States.

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