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25 May 2024

Western news censorship has failed in the Palestinian issue

Lebanese journalist:

Western news censorship has failed in the Palestinian issue

The Lebanese journalist stated that Western news censorship has reached a dead end on the issue of Palestine. They have encountered a plethora of notes on social media from all over the world regarding Palestine, making it difficult to suppress information. It is only natural that in such a globalized world, complete censorship is unattainable.

Ali Hassan, a Lebanese journalist who had traveled to Iran to participate in the Sobh International Media Festival, spoke to an IRNA media reporter about the impact of social media on sharing accurate information about Palestinian events.

When asked about the dissemination of information through social media, he said, “In today’s world, the effect of social media has increased. We see many people, without any journalistic or news experience, using this platform to spread the news of Gaza to the world. In fact, we are in a time where social media can publish information at the same time as official written and video media. This benefits the Palestinian people and the resistance front, as it has bypassed censorship and helped their message reach a larger audience.”

He added, “I believe social media has created a sense of unity among people. This phenomenon can be observed even in Europe, where people have shown support for Gaza under the influence of social media.”

When asked about the censorship of news on social media and the closure of pages of media activists by supporters of the Zionist regime, the Lebanese journalist responded, “They have a firm grip on the world’s media, and they use all their efforts to prevent any news about Palestine from being published. My personal page was one of the pages that was shut down, preventing me from continuing to share news and my protests.”

He also noted the failure of Western attempts at news censorship on the Gaza issue, stating, “Their censorship and restrictions have reached a dead end. They are faced with a large number of posts, stories, and tweets from all over the world about Palestine. It is impossible for them to block the whole world, and they have failed in their attempts.”

Ali Hassan praised the Sobh festival, saying, “This festival has been going on for three days, and I believe it is a great initiative. Iran should be commended for hosting such an event, as they fully support the Palestinian people. We should all support this movement and be the voice for the people of Gaza.”

The 2nd Sobh International Media Festival, with Mohsen Yazdi as the festival director, will be held from May 19–21 in three sections: “Main,” “IRIB World Service,” and “Palestine Special.”

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