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25 May 2024

Social media has broken the severe censorship of Western media regarding Palestine.

Ahmed Kaballo:

Social media has broken the severe censorship of Western media regarding Palestine.

Ahmed Kaballo stated that before the rise of social networks, mainstream media held a monopoly on misinformation. Social media has empowered the Palestinian people to express the truth in an uncensored way.

Ahmed Kaballo, a Sudanese reporter who came to Iran to participate in the 2nd Sobh International Media Event, spoke to Khabar Online about the role of social networks in accurately reporting news from Gaza and preventing censorship of information.

Kaballo emphasized: In today’s world, the role of social media is essential. Before the advent of social networks, the mainstream media had a monopoly on misinformation and propaganda. Now, social media empowers the Palestinian people, allowing them to present the truth in an uncensored way that cannot be distorted by mainstream media outlets.

He added: Social networks allow us to see civilians talking to each other amidst the rubble. We can witness doctors performing operations on children without anesthesia. These videos have awakened the masses and have become a historic moment that will forever change the way we view this conflict. Even those who may not have considered themselves pro-Palestinian are now awake to the truth.

This media activist discussed the reasons behind Western media censorship of the Palestinian story: It is simply because they fear the truth. Smartphones have made it possible to combat censorship, empowering the people to reveal the truth. They say that in every war, the first victim is the truth, but this time, the truth cannot be hidden. Despite the efforts of the US Senate to ban TikTok and the biased reporting of outlets like BBC, CNN, Fox News, and France 24, the truth continues to emerge.

Kaballo emphasized: We have seen protests in London, Istanbul, and all over the world because the people are demanding to see the truth.

The Sudanese reporter present at the Sobh Media Event said: We are witnessing a powerful event. I believe that for the Palestinian people to achieve victory, people from all over the world must come together and amplify each other’s voices. The purpose of the Sobh festival is to bring attention to this issue. Here, journalists from Ireland, Sudan, England, Syria, Palestine, Iran, Lebanon, etc. come together to recognize the importance of a joint struggle against the Zionist regime.

The 2nd Sobh International Media Event, with Mohsen Yazdi as the festival director, was held from May 19–21 in three sections: “Main,” “IRIB World Service,” and “Palestine Special.”

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