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23 January 2024

The 2nd Sobh International Media Festival launched by unveiling poster

Yazdi: The “Sobh” media event would not be ending at the closing ceremony

The 2nd Sobh International Media Festival launched by unveiling poster

Yazdi: The “Sobh” media event would not be ending at the closing ceremony; we were strong in the “field” but not in the “media”

The second edition of the Sobh International Media Festival, under the direction of Mohsen Yazdi, started its work with the publication of the invitations and the unveiling of the poster.

According to the public relations report of the Sobh International Media Festival, the press conference and poster unveiling of the festival were held in the presence of Mohsen Yazdi, the director of this festival, this evening, Tuesday, January 23, at PressTV.

“Today, the media debate in the world and in Iran is a serious issue, and it is going through a difficult period, It is said that at the beginning of the Iran-Iraq War, we had severe problems and restrictions, and it is even known that we were deprived of barbed wire. Perhaps our current conditions in the field of media can be compared with the conditions of that time. Both in terms of software and hardware, we have problems, and the road ahead is winding.” said Yazdi about holding this festival.

He added: “When we talk about media conditions in Iran, some people ask if Iran is any different. Yes, it is. Our country is divided in terms of its geographical location, but this issue has not necessarily benefited it. In addition, our country has long been at the crossroads of world events. Even in the era when Iran was an empire and founded the first government in the history of the world, it was at the crossroads of events. However, we have to admit that we were better on the field but not better in the media.”

Referring to the impact of the media on various aspects of today’s events, he said, “Some people treat this issue easily, but it is not really like that. I suspect that we are traumatized, and that trauma can make us vulnerable. I believe that if we don’t look to the future, we are doomed to failure. Our nation has a proud past, and the present and the future will be hopeful. These two must be combined.”

Yazdi explained about this media event: “Sobh International Festival is a media festival, and it will continue in this direction. It is certainly a winding road, but there is a serious determination. This media festival has different parts and covers all media sectors. On the other hand, we really want this festival to be a practical one, and the efforts of our friends are promising.”

He emphasized: “We have many unpractical festivals, and many of them do not achieve what they go for and end at the closing ceremonies. In fact, they are at the level of a show, but our effort is that the Sobh festival is not like this and we hope its effect continues even after the conclusion. We want to communicate with filmmakers and artists who believe in a multipolar world. Those who don’t think America owns the world and are looking for commonalities.”

He said: “This festival would like to get acquainted with the quality productions of international artists and hold meetings in May. On the other hand, I believe that the IRIB World Service is underappreciated. Many of the works are quality works, but they are not seen. I believe we have perfect products, and our problem is broadcasting and showing them. A platform should be provided so that these products can be more exposed.”

While introducing the sections of this festival, Yazdi said: “There is a main section where artists from inside and outside of Iran can send their works, the other is the productions of the IRIB World Service, and one section is especially for Palestine. The Palestine section was not one of the main categories in the first edition of the festival, but this year it has become one of the main sections due to the important event of October 7. In terms of the format of media productions, we have three main categories: television programs, radio programs, podcasts, and cyberspace. The noteworthy point is that this festival is not only about films and covers fiction, documentaries, TV shows, TV reports, news coverage, etc.”

In the end Yazdi announced: “From today, January 23, registrations are open.

The registration deadline will be April 8, 2024. Then, we will have the closing ceremony at the end of May.”

The director of the festival responded to the journalists’ question about the attendance of international guests by saying: We have good guests, names will be announced soon.

Also, in response to another question about the nature of this festival, he added: “Media is an important issue and cannot be ignored. This path is very winding and if I say a miracle is going to happen with the Sobh festival, I wouldn’t be right. What is important is that the direction is right and the media are encouraged.

At the end of this press conference, the poster of the 2nd Sobh International Media Festival was unveiled.

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