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21 May 2024

Richard Medhurst: “Vadeh Sadegh” operation was Iran’s inspiring message to Palestinian youth

Global hatred of Israel is increasing day by day

Richard Medhurst: “Vadeh Sadegh” operation was Iran’s inspiring message to Palestinian youth

English journalist Richard Medhurst said: With Vadeh Sadegh operation, the Islamic Revolution sent a clear message to the Palestinian youth.

According to the public relations report of the festival, English journalist Richard Medhurst, who traveled to Iran to participate in the Sobh International Media Festival, discussed the Al-Aqsa Storm and Vadeh Sadegh operations and their impact on the media.

He commented on the Al-Aqsa Storm operation, stating, “The events of the Al-Aqsa Storm once again demonstrated that the resistance is still active.” This operation clearly showed that the image the Zionists presented of themselves was merely false propaganda.

He continued, “Don’t forget that every post on social media increases awareness among the young generation worldwide. Dealing with Zionism has become easier now, and I don’t think there has been this much engagement with it in any historical period. On the other hand, the world media observes the Iranian media and their efforts. I believe that the world media has been inspired by Iran in covering news about the resistance.”

Referring to the Vadeh Sadegh operation, Medhurst said, “The Islamic Revolution has sent a clear message to the Palestinians. Iran stood strong and responded to the attack on the Iranian embassy by the Zionist regime. This issue is important and conveys a message to Palestinian youth. I believe that global hatred of Israel is increasing day by day. I am not a supporter of war, but after Israel’s attack, Iran gave America a week to impose sanctions on Israel’s actions, but it did not do so. In my opinion, there was no solution other than a powerful operation to respond to their attack on the Iranian embassy. The Islamic Republic did what it had to do, showing its strength once again and asserting its influence in the region.”

Emphasizing that Iran’s reaction represented the response of the entire resistance front to the Zionist regime, he noted, “I believe the best decision was made, and it was made under the best conditions. This move was a message from Iran to the West to convey that their actions will not go unanswered, regardless of what they do.”

This media activist emphasized the significance of media in highlighting the oppression of the Palestinian people: “In today’s era, media work holds paramount importance, serving as the most potent tool to portray global realities at an international scale. Unfortunately, we see that journalists are being killed too easily. This shows that the term “freedom of expression” for Westerners is merely a propaganda slogan, and they do not truly adhere to it. In my opinion, journalists are martyrs because they die in defense of the oppressed Palestinian nation.”

In the end, he said, “I am very happy that a large number of journalists from all over the world are present at the Sobh festival, and I will meet them.” Iran is the center of resistance in the world, and I feel good to be in Iran”

The 2nd Sobh International Media Festival, with Mohsen Yazdi as the festival director, will be held from May 19–21 in three sections: “Main,” “IRIB World Service,” and “Palestine Special.”

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